Around n’ Round We Go: Asphalt Concrete Recycling/Paving Process

Below is a really good figure of the equipment used in the surface milling/recycling/paving process. It was produced by The Wirtgen Group. They manufacture milling machines, crushers, hot mix asphalt plants, pavers, and compactors, like a vertically integrated conglomerate. Interestingly, Wirtgen is a corporate subsidiary of the John Deere Company. […]

Pavement Patching: Throw and Go

A common approach to repairing a pavement pothole is to fill the void with asphalt concrete.  If there are only a few potholes, a few bags of cold patch material from the local builder’s supply store can be use to fill the holes.  Here are some tips that will make […]

Tearing Up the Highway Like a Big Old Dinosaur

If you know me, you know I’ll take any opportunity to work a Bruce lyric into a post.  But, unlike the song, a Cadillac isn’t tearing up the highway.  The machine used is called a rotomill.  In the photograph, it is working overnight to remove a portion of a parking […]

The First Smart Road?

Roads have been constructed for centuries, but have intelligent roads been around for as long?  A good case can be made by examining the above photograph.  The roadway is found in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii.  The Romans were on to something here and you’ll see similar approaches used […]

The 2,000-Year-Old Road

It has been said that ancient Roman roads lasted over 2,000 years but nowadays, it seems our roads do not seem to last more than decade or so.  Why is that? There are many reasons for short performance lives, but for now, we will focus on the Roman road cross […]

Pavements Keep Us Out of the Mud

My favorite graduate school professor, Marshall Thompson, PhD, professor emeritus at the University of Illinois, had a folksy way of boiling down engineering concepts to the basics. “Pavements keeps us out of the mud.”   I would sit in the reception area of Talbot Laboratory during lunchtime, reading the Wall […]

Curbside Pickup: We Can Help

The current success of curbside pickup is likely to see increased  traffic during the upcoming holiday season.  Zimmer sees growing traffic congestion as a possibly and the necessity to separate normal mall traffic circulation from curbside pickup will increase during the season.  We have expansive experience in parking optimization design […]

Has Zimmer Been Here?

“Has Zimmer been here?” is a common question when shopping center companies are doing acquisition due diligence or during a capital budget review.   The reason property owners and managers ask for our report is simple.  Zimmer Consultants produces easily understood, thorough, and reliable pavement management reporting.  The initial report […]

The Old Plank Road

Throughout history, roads have been built with local materials. The Romans used mountain and volcanic rock quarried into slabs. Gravel and cobbles were used for early roads in the United States. Where available, thick oil was poured over compacted aggregate to produce an all-weather Macadam road. For a large portion of […]