The Zimmer Report: The Small Property Version

For over three decades, we have been refining the pavement management process for pavement owners. The Zimmer Report is the product of our ongoing processes to create useful documents for our clients. The image is of our short report for small properties. These reports will answer your questions about how […]

Is It Cement or Concrete? What is the Difference?

The terms ”concrete” and “cement” often seem interchangeable and when used to identify pavement type it can be confusing. There are both asphalt cement and asphalt concrete, and Portland cement and Portland cement concrete. Cement refers to the binding material used to “glue” the rock or aggregate together. The right […]

Frost Heave: Seriously, Fix the Problem

Frost heave is cause by a deep freeze of poorly drained, fine soils. The free moisture in the soil expands when frozen. The freezing draws more moisture up and into the frozen layer to create an ice lens. When the ice expands, the sidewalk is pushed up. The photograph shows […]

How Much Curb and Gutter Should Be Replaced?

It depends. The closer the pavement work is to the shopping center entrances, the more curb we would recommend replacing. For example, the curb and gutter in the top photograph should be completely replaced along with the sidewalk. Further away from the building, patching the worst sections is common.  We […]

Pavement Marking: Own Your Stencils

A recent pavement preservation project initially looked great, but as the sealant wore off the aggregate, the original pavement markings showed up. You can see the striping contractor did not follow the specification to match the existing markings. The original low emissions image is about a foot larger than the new image. Unfortunately, […]

If You Have a Life Safety Issue, Do Not Advertise It, Fix It!

On a recent property inspection, I captured this sign and sidewalk. Fortunately, it’s not on our client’s property. But seriously, the time and effort gone into having this sign fabricated and installed should have been spent on correcting the described slippery sidewalk conditions.  This property owner clearly has running slope […]

Products: GAP Mastic Crack Repair

A client in Minnesota has been extolling the ease of application and performance of a crack repair product. It is GAP Mastic Crack Repair from Maxwell Products, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah. The product appears to be a blend of soft, polymer-modified asphalt cement with small aggregate mixed in.  It […]

Selecting The Right Pavement Type

Selecting a pavement surface is typically a choice between asphalt concrete or Portland cement concrete. In many parts of the country, AC is the first choice. In the South, PCC is more common. Pavement type selection has many factors: The primary factor is initial cost of installation. Local material cost […]