Accessibility: Parallel Curb Ramps

Even when detailed plans are provided and there is a project walk through, we find curb ramps are still incorrectly installed. At this installation, the ramp center should be flat (less than 2% slope). A flat area is necessary to allow for a wheelchair turning or maneuvering area. It is […]

Accessibility: A Long & Winding Route From A Bus Stop

We were at a mall with a series of short sidewalks with curb ramps connecting a bus stop with the shopping center building. It is inaccessible because the ramps are noncompliant, and the sidewalks between the ramps have cross-slopes greater than 2.1%. The sidewalk also gives the appearance of forcing […]

Accessibility: Curb Ramps

A national retailer has a distinctive entranceway with three large planters. Curb ramps are constructed between the planters and tiles pave the plaza area to the doors. It is a nice, secure design which eliminates the need for bollards. The problem we find is the curb ramps typically have running […]

Accessibility: Curb Ramp Joint with the Pavement

Too large a troweled edge on a curb ramp can result in a noncompliant ramp. Illustrated in the photograph there is a 3/4-inch radius and a just about a one-inch differential elevation. The United State Access Board “Guide to the ADA Standards” expands on the issue of edges on accessible […]

Accessible Curb Ramp

This is a picture of an ADDAG compliant curb ramp.  Depending on the jurisdiction and/or plaintiff’s expert, it could be identified as noncompliant because the curb ramp width does not match the crosswalk width. The reasoning is the accessible path is the crosswalk width.  The ramp sides, or flares, are […]

Accessible Curb Ramp: Noncompliance

The above photograph is of a non-compliant curb ramp where the side slopes are too steep and there is not a flat landing area. When looking at it more closely we determined a standard perpendicular ramp wouldn’t fit. The sidewalk is 8 feet wide and installing a typical curb ramp […]