Pavement Rehabilitation: Long Slow Train Coming*

We are all cognizant of designing green construction projects.  And asphalt paving projects can have a significant impact because of the tonnage that can be recycled. The asphalt industry says asphalt concrete is the most recycled product in the world. We often have client requests to review and include cold […]

We Keep Putting Stuff in Asphalt Concrete

There are two parts to the “holy grail” of asphalt concrete pavement performance: slow pavement cracking and reduce rutting caused by high truck traffic volumes. To this end, after modifying the aggregate blend, state highway departments and research universities seek additives to the simple mixtures of asphalt cement and well-graded […]

The Pavement Maintenance & Rehabilitation Cycle

Pavement Management Report Design: plans, specifications & estimates Bidding and review Construction observation Update pavement management database and record drawings Zimmer Consultants begins a new pavement maintenance & rehabilitation cycle with a pavement and site inspection followed by the Zimmer Report. The Report discusses condition and provides 10-year budgets. Once […]

How Much Curb and Gutter Should Be Replaced?

It depends. The closer the pavement work is to the shopping center entrances, the more curb we would recommend replacing. For example, the curb and gutter in the top photograph should be completely replaced along with the sidewalk. Further away from the building, patching the worst sections is common.  We […]

Around n’ Round We Go: Asphalt Concrete Recycling/Paving Process

Below is a really good figure of the equipment used in the surface milling/recycling/paving process. It was produced by The Wirtgen Group. They manufacture milling machines, crushers, hot mix asphalt plants, pavers, and compactors, like a vertically integrated conglomerate. Interestingly, Wirtgen is a corporate subsidiary of the John Deere Company. […]