Installing Pavers: Lock them in Place!

Brick pavers are frequently used for crosswalks and pavement accents.  Over time and traffic, we have seen pavers shift.  The pavers in the photograph have been pushed in the direction of traffic (to the right).  The center, herringbone pattern shifted causing the running bond border to become loose.  There is […]

Placing a Road Like a Carpet – Rolls or Squares

We have mentioned in earlier posts that placing an interlocking or paver pavement is labor intensive. The preparation is similar to placing a flexible pavement. The subgrade has to be graded and compacted. An aggregate layer placed and compacted. The difference is an added 1-inch sand layer. Typically, pavers are hand-placed. There are two […]

Pavements? What’s the Difference?

There are three pavement types: Flexible – Asphalt concrete Rigid – Portland cement concrete Interlocking pavers – Stone, brick, or blocks But there are seemingly infinite variations of each. Flexible: The black stuff is asphalt concrete (left photo), also called hot-mix asphalt concrete. In some states or regions, it is […]