Welcome to Zimmer Consultants!

Zimmer Consultants is a leading civil engineering consulting firm with more than 30 years’ experience providing results for approximately 370 million square feet of real estate nationwide. Since 1988 Zimmer has provided wide-ranging site and pavement engineering services to commercial property owners and managers. By using our objective pavement rating methodology, we can assist in analyzing and managing a single property, a region, or your national portfolio. Additional services include accessible reviews and parking reconfiguration design.

“Has Zimmer been here?” is a common question when shopping center companies are doing acquisition due diligence or during a capital budget review The reason property owners and managers ask for our report is simple.  Zimmer Consultants produces easily understood, thorough, and reliable pavement management reporting.  The initial report establishes a baseline of the original site environment, current pavement conditions, and multi-year budgeting for pavement improvements.

How can we help you?

Zimmer Consultants has wide-ranging experience in pavement evaluation and management of large pavement areas.  The first step to engage this experience is to have an evaluation of pavement condition through a Zimmer Report prepared for your property.  After your review, we can design, bid, and monitor your pavement projects.  As we continue our work together, the budgeting and reporting improves each year of the reporting and rehabilitation cycle.