Accessibility: Signage

During our travels, we see a lot of unique accessible signage.  Here is a big reinforced concrete post which appears to be durable.  Sometimes we find large bases are not buried deeply into the pavement but are just sitting on the surface.  For good resistance to toppling, a bollard should […]

Accessibility: Accessible Sign Height

The American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG) specifies accessible parking stall must have a permanent sign for each parking stall.  Without a sign, the stall is not considered an accessible stall.  In earlier ADAAG versions, the sign height must be visible when a vehicle parked in the stall.  The latest […]

Accessibility: Unique Signage

A unique signpost using tubular steel was observed at one of our projects. We did some investigation on installation and cost. An Internet steel supplier has 12” by 4” rectangular tubes in 10-foot lengths for $387 before tax and shipping. The Zimmer standard is a 2” by 2” square post inserted into […]