Accessibility: No Ramps at Doors

According to the ADAAG, a manually operated door must have a five-foot flat (slopes at 2.1% or less) landing area.  The photograph shows original construction and a reversed ramp. The slope is in excess of 2.1%. To become compliant, the sidewalk will have to be replaced.  Zimmer Consultants photograph

Installing Pavers: Lock them in Place!

Brick pavers are frequently used for crosswalks and pavement accents.  Over time and traffic, we have seen pavers shift.  The pavers in the photograph have been pushed in the direction of traffic (to the right).  The center, herringbone pattern shifted causing the running bond border to become loose.  There is […]

Accessibility: Unique Signage

A unique signpost using tubular steel was observed at one of our projects. We did some investigation on installation and cost. An Internet steel supplier has 12” by 4” rectangular tubes in 10-foot lengths for $387 before tax and shipping. The Zimmer standard is a 2” by 2” square post inserted into […]

Pavement Striping on Fresh Asphalt Concrete

We recently had a two-phase paving project providing a good example of paint performance on newly paved hot mix asphalt concrete.  On the above photograph there is a seam between pavements paved 45 days apart with three spray paint applications. At the top is fresh paint only hours old.  The […]

Accessibility: Parking Stalls, Over Doing It

We saw this accessible parking configuration in a Houston parking lot.  It is admirable to extend the accessible access-way behind the parking stall to extend the accessible route, but it is unnecessary.  The increased limits of accessible route mean the area must be leveled to less than a 2% slope […]

Pavement Rehabilitation: Long Slow Train Coming*

We are all cognizant of designing green construction projects.  And asphalt paving projects can have a significant impact because of the tonnage that can be recycled. The asphalt industry says asphalt concrete is the most recycled product in the world. We often have client requests to review and include cold […]

Durability of Thermoplastic Crosswalks

Thermoplastic crosswalks have good performance lives even in northern climates. The thick plastic sheet melted into the pavement surface typically has a durable bond. If the bond breaks, which can happen on an older surface; existing pavement markings; uneven compaction; or uneven infrared heating, the plastic can loosen. Flexing caused by vehicle tires […]


A durable faux brick crosswalk for streetscape projects is provided by Ennis-Flint ( There are three imprints available. In this post we will focus on StreetPrintXD. Simply, the process is melting and pressing a plastic sheet into an asphalt concrete surface. A cross section of an installed pavement is shown below The installation […]