Streetscapes: Inlaid Decorative Patterns

We have made posts about a streetscape product called StreetPrint XD, a solid plastic sheet (thermoplastic material) melted into a pavement surface. There is a similar product called DuraTherm. It is a preformed thermoplastic material that is inlaid into imprinted asphalt and heated in place using infrared heaters. When installation […]

Pavement Striping on Fresh Asphalt Concrete

We recently had a two-phase paving project providing a good example of paint performance on newly paved hot mix asphalt concrete.  On the above photograph there is a seam between pavements paved 45 days apart with three spray paint applications. At the top is fresh paint only hours old.  The […]

Durability of Thermoplastic Crosswalks

Thermoplastic crosswalks have good performance lives even in northern climates. The thick plastic sheet melted into the pavement surface typically has a durable bond. If the bond breaks, which can happen on an older surface; existing pavement markings; uneven compaction; or uneven infrared heating, the plastic can loosen. Flexing caused by vehicle tires […]