Pavement Striping on Fresh Asphalt Concrete

We recently had a two-phase paving project providing a good example of paint performance on newly paved hot mix asphalt concrete.  On the above photograph there is a seam between pavements paved 45 days apart with three spray paint applications. At the top is fresh paint only hours old.  The enlargement below shows a 15 mils thick application does not fill-in the voids. The bottom of the top photograph shows the condition of the 45-day old single striping.  Note the white paint discoloration caused by the light oils in the asphalt cement bleeding into the paint.  

Between the new and 45-day striping is a second paint application.  The additional paint layer significantly improves the striping appearance and the additional thickness will improve durability.  We typically don’t include a second application because an entire property re-striping is often scheduled within a short time after paving.  

Zimmer Consultants photograph 

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