Signaled Crosswalks Also Known As Mid-Block Crosswalks

A few years ago, we designed and had a signaled crosswalk installed at a crosswalk “hidden” by curves in the fire lane. This is a “deluxe” installation and is most often seen at midblock crosswalks on busy urban streets. The first photograph shows a solar-powered, lighted sign and crosswalk. The […]

Accessibility: Don’t Create a Skate Park

Contractors leveling accessible parking stalls often use Portland cement concrete because the pavement elevations can be more precisely set with forms instead of using a paver placing hot mix asphalt concrete.  With either material, the slope from the accessible stalls must be gradually tapered to the existing pavement, otherwise a […]

Bollards: Are They Crash Rated?

I recently watched a very interesting webinar presentation about bollard crash rating developed by the US Department of State after 9/11. Reliance Foundry ( presented the webinar.  Bollards are rated for their crash resistance at various speeds and how well they stop a semi-tractor with a trailer after possibly overrunning […]

Placing a Road Like a Carpet – Rolls or Squares

We have mentioned in earlier posts that placing an interlocking or paver pavement is labor intensive. The preparation is similar to placing a flexible pavement. The subgrade has to be graded and compacted. An aggregate layer placed and compacted. The difference is an added 1-inch sand layer. Typically, pavers are hand-placed. There are two […]

We Keep Putting Stuff in Asphalt Concrete

There are two parts to the “holy grail” of asphalt concrete pavement performance: slow pavement cracking and reduce rutting caused by high truck traffic volumes. To this end, after modifying the aggregate blend, state highway departments and research universities seek additives to the simple mixtures of asphalt cement and well-graded […]

Accessibility: Curb Ramps

A national retailer has a distinctive entranceway with three large planters. Curb ramps are constructed between the planters and tiles pave the plaza area to the doors. It is a nice, secure design which eliminates the need for bollards. The problem we find is the curb ramps typically have running […]


Here is an unusual cart corral using concrete curbs to hold the carts in place. Note the small wheel stops to prevent carts from rolling away. This design would be a problem in the snow belt where plows would rip it out.  It may also be a tripping hazard for […]

Accessibility: Curb Ramp Joint with the Pavement

Too large a troweled edge on a curb ramp can result in a noncompliant ramp. Illustrated in the photograph there is a 3/4-inch radius and a just about a one-inch differential elevation. The United State Access Board “Guide to the ADA Standards” expands on the issue of edges on accessible […]

Accessible Curb Ramp

This is a picture of an ADDAG compliant curb ramp.  Depending on the jurisdiction and/or plaintiff’s expert, it could be identified as noncompliant because the curb ramp width does not match the crosswalk width. The reasoning is the accessible path is the crosswalk width.  The ramp sides, or flares, are […]

I look into your storm sewers and you should too

What am I looking for? First, I look at the construction. The common in-pavement structures are sanitary sewer manholes, stormwater inlets and catch basins, and utility vaults such as electric and telephone/fiber optic. Concrete pipe is common construction. Older manholes can be constructed of brick and mortar. At the top of the structure can […]