Pavement Preservation: Timing of a Seal Coat

We are often asked, “When is the best time to seal coat a new asphalt concrete pavement?”  Our thinking has evolved from four to five years to one or two years after paving.  The reasoning is the early seal coat application seals the surface porosity before too much oxidation has […]

Is It Cement or Concrete? What is the Difference?

The terms ”concrete” and “cement” often seem interchangeable and when used to identify pavement type it can be confusing. There are both asphalt cement and asphalt concrete, and Portland cement and Portland cement concrete. Cement refers to the binding material used to “glue” the rock or aggregate together. The right […]

Around n’ Round We Go: Asphalt Concrete Recycling/Paving Process

Below is a really good figure of the equipment used in the surface milling/recycling/paving process. It was produced by The Wirtgen Group. They manufacture milling machines, crushers, hot mix asphalt plants, pavers, and compactors, like a vertically integrated conglomerate. Interestingly, Wirtgen is a corporate subsidiary of the John Deere Company. […]