Accesible Parking Dimensions

The photograph presents a nonstandard striping layout. A reasonable person would measure the stall and access-way from center of the double stall striping to the center of the next stall stripe. It appears this is a 9-foot stall with a 5-foot access-way. Depending on the state (and the inspector) the stall width measurement could be from the inside stripe to the next inside stripe. A plaintiff’s accessible expert could measure the stalls to be noncompliant.

We have two points:

  1. Know your local municipal and state accessible codes in addition to the federal Americans with Disabilities Act. The most stringent requirement will carry the day. At this location, we suggest the configuration be re-striped with a single stall line to eliminate varying interruptions of the dimensions.
  2. Secondly, do not allow an accessible compliance inspection to happen without having your own accessible expert observe and represent the owners’ interests.

Zimmer Consultants photograph

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