Accessibility: Curb Ramps

A national retailer has a distinctive entranceway with three large planters. Curb ramps are constructed between the planters and tiles pave the plaza area to the doors. It is a nice, secure design which eliminates the need for bollards. The problem we find is the curb ramps typically have running slopes in excess of the maximum 1:12 (8.33%).  

The design constrains ramp replacement. To achieve the proper slope the run has to be lengthened. Extending the ramp to the curb & gutter and roadway violates the ADDAG guidelines.  Extending the run into the tile affects the plaza‚Äôs appearance. What we end up doing is removing one or two tile strips across the width of the plaza (including at the back of the planters) to allow for an extended ramp at the proper slope. It also looks like it was the original design.

Zimmer Consultants photographs

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