Has Zimmer Been Here?

“Has Zimmer been here?” is a common question when shopping center companies are doing acquisition due diligence or during a capital budget review.   The reason property owners and managers ask for our report is simple.  Zimmer Consultants produces easily understood, thorough, and reliable pavement management reporting.  The initial report establishes a baseline of the original site environment, current pavement conditions, and multi-year budgeting for improvements.  Subsequent report updates build upon the initial data to refine pavement condition and budgeting projections.    

Zimmer Consultants has refined the pavement management report into a client-friendly reference document. It answers common questions:

  • How much pavement do we have?
  • What are the current conditions?
  • How much will it cost to achieve acceptable conditions?
  • What are cost-effective maintenance and rehabilitation options?
  • What do I need to do to get to the acceptable condition?

These answers are supported by charts, tables, and site plans to explain our conclusions. 

Image from Google Earth

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