How Much Curb and Gutter Should Be Replaced?

It depends. The closer the pavement work is to the shopping center entrances, the more curb we would recommend replacing. For example, the curb and gutter in the top photograph should be completely replaced along with the sidewalk. Further away from the building, patching the worst sections is common. 

We find it helps to think ahead and visualize what a new pavement surface would look like with the existing curb and gutter. For example, replacing the curbs around a landscaped island will significantly improve the overall parking lot appearance. We believe the eye is drawn to the curbed islands when there is a new pavement surface.

Also think about who will restore the landscaping behind the curb. Without a pre project understanding, the concrete contractor may think that pushing dirt clods against the curb is restoring the landscape. The property manager will likely expect the dirt leveled with new sod laid.  For larger curb replacement work, we find it helpful to bid square feet of landscape restoration in addition to length of curb replacement. We also encourage the concrete contractor get a quote from and use the property’s landscape contractor.  

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