Pavement Rehabilitation: Long Slow Train Coming*

We are all cognizant of designing green construction projects.  And asphalt paving projects can have a significant impact because of the tonnage that can be recycled. The asphalt industry says asphalt concrete is the most recycled product in the world. We often have client requests to review and include cold or hot in-place recycling options in our pavement rehabilitation projects.  Our typical project involves surface milling to remove a portion of the asphalt concrete layer followed by prep and a tack coat. Next a layer of hot mix asphalt concrete is placed and compacted. These are two separate operations which are usually completed on separate days.  

In-place recycling requires a continuous process. Take a look at the paving train in the photograph. There is a reason these typical recycling photographs are shown on stretches of western highways.  The paving train has six or seven pieces of equipment that must start up and be calibrated to recycle a length of roadway.  And then keep going for miles.

Thinking about in-place recycling for a parking lot, just the set-up could take the length of a typical parking lot.  The process could be used on the ring road. But for cost efficiency, the entire ring road would be completed at one time.  In summary, the in-place recycling process is too cumbersome for the typical parking lot.  

*Not a reference to a Bruce lyric. This belongs to the Doobie Brothers.

*Bob Dylan, “Slow Train Coming” 08/20/1979

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