Signaled Crosswalks Also Known As Mid-Block Crosswalks

A few years ago, we designed and had a signaled crosswalk installed at a crosswalk “hidden” by curves in the fire lane. This is a “deluxe” installation and is most often seen at midblock crosswalks on busy urban streets. The first photograph shows a solar-powered, lighted sign and crosswalk. The two white posts at the curb ramp house a motion sensor to trigger the flashing sign and pavement lights. There are similar motion sensors and signage on the opposite side. A new PCC crosswalk was constructed to house the in-pavement lights. For budgeting purposes this installation cost about $75,000. Costs can be reduced by switching from motion sensors to a hand operated switches and eliminating the in-pavement lights. 

Would we recommend another installation? Probably not unless there was a crosswalk needed on a busy ring road. It is very costly, and customers do not necessarily use it if it is not on a direct path to their vehicle. A painted crosswalk with a stop for pedestrians sign.  

We believe it is a best practice to have consistent signage and markings at all crosswalks.

Zimmer Consultants photographs

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