The Pavement Maintenance & Rehabilitation Cycle

  • Pavement Management Report
  • Design: plans, specifications & estimates
  • Bidding and review
  • Construction observation
  • Update pavement management database and record drawings

Zimmer Consultants begins a new pavement maintenance & rehabilitation cycle with a pavement and site inspection followed by the Zimmer Report. The Report discusses condition and provides 10-year budgets. Once ownership provides budget guidance, the engineer can produce plans and specifications. 

The owner or engineer will then request qualified contractors to provide a bid for the proposed work. The bids are reviewed for completeness and summarized on a spreadsheet. With input from the owner, the limits of work may be revised to increase or decrease cost to better match the target budget. Once the project scope is agreed to by the parties, a contract is drawn up and executed.

This next activity, a pre-construction meeting, sets the stage for a successful project. The pre-construction meeting defines expectations. Who is working on the project – a contact list; how will the work be done and how will traffic be impacted; where and when so tenants can be notified.  A good contractor will honor the agreed items as contract commitments and not pro forma yessing to get by.  

Construction observation is a combined effort of the owner/property management and the engineer. The engineer is to examine the contractors’ adherence to the specifications and contract.  An engineer is not responsible for the contractor’s “means and methods” unless there are obviously unsafe conditions created by the work. The engineer must bring concerns to management for resolution. Means and methods are the techniques and equipment used by the contractor to produce the work.  

At the project’s end, the contractor produces a drawing which illustrates how the completed work may differ from the engineer’s design. Zimmer will use this information to update the PAVER database with new construction dates and surface types and add to the Zimmer completed work drawing.

The cycle repeats the following year with a new evaluation and M&R design. 

Zimmer Consultants figure

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