The Zimmer Report: The Small Property Version

For over three decades, we have been refining the pavement management process for pavement owners. The Zimmer Report is the product of our ongoing processes to create useful documents for our clients. The image is of our short report for small properties. These reports will answer your questions about how much pavement you have; what its condition is; and how much will it cost to make it acceptable.  Essentially, the who, what, when, where, and how for good pavement management.

The Report is intended to be a reference document for pavement history, site and pavement conditions, and offer long-term budgeting options. Updating the report every three or four years builds upon the initial data and increases its predictive value. Clients typically review the data, ask questions, and provide guidance to Zimmer which is used to refine the management process and develop construction projects. 

The Zimmer Report is unique because it guides the client through the process of defining issues, determining the appropriate maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) technique, developing budget ranges, and informing the client of the potential pavement condition consequences of the budget selection. The question of whether pavement conditions will improve or decline for a given M&R approach and budget level can be answered.  

Reports are prepared for individual properties and the data analysis can be expanded for regions and entire portfolios. For several clients, we annually update the fifth report page with completed projects and proposed future work to support capital budget requests. Future posts will describe the elements which go into collecting appropriate data and creating useful reports. 

Images from Zimmer Consultants

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