Products: GAP Mastic Crack Repair

A client in Minnesota has been extolling the ease of application and performance of a crack repair product. It is GAP Mastic Crack Repair from Maxwell Products, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah. The product appears to be a blend of soft, polymer-modified asphalt cement with small aggregate mixed in.  It is heated in a kettle and poured onto the distressed area. A squeegee is used to spread and level the hot mixture. Before it cools, a dark, crushed aggregate is spread and pushed into the mixture. The first photograph shows a stretch of high severity cracking coated to prevent potholes and potential tripping hazard. The next photograph is a more typical application where a wide crack with a sag is filled with the GAP product. The installations have survived their Minnesota winters in relatively good shape.

There are two ways to request pricing from a pavement preservation contractor. The GAP product can be priced by the linear foot of product in-place. This requires field measurement after application. The second approach is to price the product by the pounds of material installed. The material comes in cardboard tubes. Empty tubes can be counted, and the amount of in-place poundage easily calculated. I think it is easy to see the method Zimmer prefers. Counting pounds is fair to both the owner and the contractor.   

Photographs from Zimmer Consultants

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